I was signed a contract of a imposssible work with the resume search.com bocz of my financial situvation is very bad to get my expenses, .the work is to complete 600 resumes in 7 days which is immpossible with the company given data .

the company is a fraud company as i see in internet reviews later after i done the contract.now they are threatening me with phone calls and whatsapp text and legal notices as contract they are demanding Rupees as not completing theire work,the data they provided is not in a one format its data is very messy and i tried to work for 2 days the data is not proper i need to search for information thought to resume reading to fill one resume it took me almost 20 minutes of time. then i understood that they have doing this type of miss utilisation of internet and cheating students and unemployed youth of india., if i have that much money why i accept such works plz understand my financial position i cant pay them.THey are threatening and harrasing me with phone and whatsapp text and mesages and images showing legal warnings,plz find the images they sending as attachment.

I request cyber crime of india to take serious action on such comapany to save the future of indian youth