They have given 50 files which asked us to convert to word document within 7 days and done as per the instructions and sent the files to freelancer as per their instructions. We got the confirmation that 15000 salary has to be processed and first month, it will be process as cheque only and going forward it will be credit directly to bank. For processing the cheque asked us to transfer  Rs.1980 the name   C Shashikala and the account number given is A/C 62400439134 and IFSC code is provided SBIN0020096. This account holder has a account at MOULA ALI at Hyderabad Urban.

When we sent a mail follow up for to check the status of cheque, we got “address not found” message and their contact details also switched off.

Requesting team to either block their accounts or take necessary actions on this account. Our main intention to register this complaint is our money should not go for wrong expenditures or to wrong organizations or to wrong persons or to any other defenceless expenditures.


Awaiting for your reply