Hi Team,


I have got a call from Mahi(9311557053) from Indeed has called me and asked for 2900   /- for registration. Then she said someone from Operation Department will call and I received a call from Debashish(9311501259) and charged me 9200/- stated there's a vacancy of TCS, Accenture, IBM and JP Morgan Chase. HR has looked at your profile and ready to take you for these companies only if you pay 9200/- for seat reservation and stated on mail that is the last payment I will do towards this account. The next day I have received a call from Aditya(the HOD) (9311784836) to make a payment of 8100/- and I denied for any more payments as I have received a mail yesterday that 9200/- is the last payment. He negotiated and told me to pay 4100/- (the half of the amount) otherwise my profile will be canceled. I paid on Thursday i.e., 12th November'20. Since then all of the number went switched off.

Again today Rahul(9311787436) has called me that we have received a request to cancel your profile and to initiate a refund I said okay to do it and send an email stating the refund amount. He then transferred a called to a lady, she spoke to me with this tonality and language "tera paise na aaj wapas aayenge aur na hi kal, tu bhaad mein jaa".


Please look into this matter and stop this harassments that they put us into this pandemic where everyone is in desperate need of job.