Flipkart merchant centre

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Bibek Sharma posted this 09 November 2021

Task based, first they tell you to follow the instructions and make you complete the task after that withdrawal and again the task and goes on. Your money will get freezed and to take that money out they will ask you to put on some money and again asks you to put on some money for taxes, safety deposit goes on. Your money will never come to your account

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ArunimaAcharya posted this 11 January 2022

Do they really put you through tax evasion?

ShyamYadav posted this 12 January 2022

I dont think it's fraud because i just got my withdrawal from this platform. At first, i was really tensed because i keep releasing alot of money. I paid all my savings from this platform but my agent named Trixie assured me and gave the best assistance. Fortunately and thank god I got all my earnings plus i got alot of bonus from them! I highly recommend this platform, just trust the process and follow their instructions. 10/10! 

BirochanSinha posted this 16 January 2022

Could you please describe their job? As

Abhay Mishra posted this 19 January 2022

Hello, please describe me how to withdrawl money, i m in level 3 and complete 3 task but I can't withdraw money how do you done this upto level please help me

dreams world posted this 19 January 2022

Hello shyam bhai how you got your payment I not got my payment bhai it's stucked now they had send my money to international bank and they had charge many types of charges but I cleared those after all they said you will receive payment within 3-6 hours but 3 days over till now I didn't received my payment bhai please can you help my agent is also not replying now seeing the watsapp message but not replying single message what to do now I invested huge amount bhai if I not get then I will be in so problem please tell my agent name before was joella then one merchant came named lovely like this they done to me please see what to do

ShyamYadav posted this 19 January 2022

i paid many process..., but after paid, i got my withdrawal.. all without deductions...,, i suggest complete it bcoz u will get the money eventually...

ShyamYadav posted this 22 January 2022

i get it after completing process given by the agent...,, it is confusing at first bcoz u keep releasing money but it will all return bck to ur acc.,, there are many process.,,, but u will get it for sure..

dreams world posted this 24 January 2022

Hello shyam I am not getting my money it's became huge amount please bhai help me to get neither my merchant is replying nor bank is replying again and again they are putting charges what to do I don't have anything to pay bhai please see what to do

ShyamYadav posted this 24 January 2022

yes i have received last week siz.....

Abhay Mishra posted this 27 January 2022

Hello shyam bhai what is the last process because I have paid taxes amount also but yet money not received

VamsiKrishna posted this 29 January 2022

I paid taxes amount and again they are asking me to pay 35888rs for bank withdrawal code. Will i get the money after i pay to them

Manel Daimari posted this 04 February 2022

Same process if u pay withdrawl code for bank.again u have to pay to convert dollar from rupee but u never get the money in this app i lost almost 1 lak money in hear

Manel Daimari posted this 05 February 2022

hi sir, please help me to get my money back i almost invest 1L but i dont get refund plz help me to get this money. I need to give money back to frend plz sir

Manel Daimari posted this 05 February 2022

can u help me plz i cant get my money i spen 1L but i dont get tefund i need to give back money to friend plz help me😭😭

IkyaAkhila posted this 10 February 2022

Hello shyam Bhai,Did you receive the amount in level 3 from binance app

Manel Daimari posted this 12 February 2022

hey can you help me i have complete all task but not get my withdrawl money

Manel Daimari posted this 13 February 2022

My agent..block me after i payed my money almost 1L please help me somebody i need to give back my money to frend please help me😭😭

PreetKaur posted this 14 February 2022

I am complete my level 3 and also payiny tax and registration fees but they say pay code 50000 I don't ha e this to much money so plz help me return my money they are alwaysaya paying money and can't return back Money'

PreetKaur posted this 14 February 2022

Plz help me and I need to return my frds and relatives money

ShyamYadav posted this 14 February 2022

hello..... yes i have received my withdrawal. just complete and follow process of ur agent,,,, surely u will get it.

SeshaB posted this 27 March 2022


Do not fall for this trap using this link.


Trust me, I invested lot of money and during withdrawal, they asked again handling and security deposit of 85+k, post which they said my withdrawal would be done. But again a tax aggrement came with Rs.96722 to pay for withdrawal in 10 mins..

They freezed the account after all this, and to activate it we have to pay another 80k+ itseems. I  just said get lost scammers. 

This is a farudulent site. So many bank id's like Rahul, Bhairu, Sakul Khan etc, DANANJAY BANK account, paytm logins.

They will advise you not to save bank details they provide but I have them stored with me for any reference in future.

Please beware and rest is upto you

Number of the so called mentor was +63 995 323 0696

The person will be very prompt and will keep saying trust me for which we all fall.

Save your money and time.



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SeshaB posted this 29 March 2022

Again they requested for 1.5 lakhs activation fees .post which, to speed up withdrawal, pay again 29999. Then when they had to process withdrawal,the so called hacking of account for all level 3 happened. Tojhis is another story to freeze user login again and ask them to create a fresh one. After that, tell them to do more 4 to 5 tasks.. I finally said enough is enough. Bye.. you will never get your money back

http://myt520.com/pages/register/register You just need to register your free account. Copy this link to open it in a browser. After successful registration, please take a photo of your account and send it to me. Registration invitation code: 26697

SeshaB posted this 29 March 2022

Sont attempt doing it, you will loose your money

SulekhaSinha posted this 06 April 2022

Don’t believe in what Shyam Yadav is saying..i guess he’s one of them who is conning people..Don’t fall in trap your money will never come to you forget about profit..And ypu should be ashamed Shyam Yadav you are misleading people you fucking bastard

SabarishwaranSabari posted this 12 April 2022

My amount return please urjunt my father admit hospital pls help me

Shushanki Kapse posted this 3 weeks ago

How much money u invested and how much u received?? And how u received it?