Hi My Name is Drishti Saxena,

Recently i got call from Corel India saying that you are using Corel Software illegally and you have to purchase legal license to use it.

I strongly denied and asked that do whatever you want to do. We also received notice from them.

I have done in depth research & enquiry with our sources in U.S and understand they are affiliates to Corel Corporation, Canada.

We immediately purchase licenses and got compliant. We also got the Original licenses and closure Letter Email from Corel Stating your file is closed.

You just imagine that what would happen if they imposed penalty on us. Its 50k to 2 Lac which we understand from our laywer.

We have enquired on www.Corel.com about these guys. They have contacted from the domain corelindia.co.in.

Hope my review will help you.