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SanjanaKashyap posted this 06 December 2017

This company contacted me and offered job opportunity and took 4k from me...and said they will do all day they are asking me 12k and not even giving me job description. This is fake company their contact number is 180030009191. Please help me to get back my 4k

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sai giriElla posted this 07 December 2017

Hi sanjana, did career help you out in getting a job??.

Tejsing Nagar posted this 25 December 2017

This Company contact me con . no. 9349284421 . and he offered me for job . with just double package of my current package .But by luck he told me about those company . those already in my contact  . and during  call he told me for registration with 3500 Rs. after five days of registration HR call me regarding job . and then after  attending call. I call the same company for conformation . then i fund that there no any job vacancy for this post he told me about  that . as well as no any related job  available  in that place . 

    So pls  all first alert to fraud  

ShivS posted this 26 December 2017

This is fake

ShivS posted this 26 December 2017

Got call from #9349284421. Her name is Shivani. Told me that calling from Washington but true caller says that from Kerala. Offered me double package. I started asking more questions on her company. Got frustrated. I refuse to pay money then she told me reply I told fuckoff. This very clear that company and person are fake.

The lady who talked with me, she suck her mother. Fucked by Street dogs.

VinodKumar posted this 28 December 2017

Fake company. Lost Rs 16000. They do not tell you about the various staged payments. They give the impression that a guaranteed job is available at the price of Rs 3500. Once they suck you in, the other payments start to come into play. When questioned about that, they gave me an unconvincing spiel. I asked for the refund and they refused. I asked for some details of the HR of these companies who have these "undisclosed positions" in their companies and they refused. 

Arulnithi T posted this 29 December 2017

Hi All,

I am a Horticulturist presently i dont have job, I got a call from this, They told me ,You have unique oppurtunity in canada for work permit,i have to pay urgently , that amount for registration is Rs 5310. After paying this money they again asked me pay more than Rs.30000, again I paid all the Amount. While Paying they said,all the Amount is Refundable, but now they are changing their words and i got a mail its non refundable.I started fighting with them , but no use, I lost my Money. Its a complete Fraud company, dont beleive this and waste your money, 

The Total money which i paid them is Rs 36000/-  on 21/12/2017.which i got a liability from someone, but they have cheated me.As I dont have words to say my pain.I am suffering a lot. let i started placing awareness in social medias like Facebook and Whatsup. My sincere Advice,  Do not encourage this kind of call and waste your hard-earned  precious money.

GokulGopalaKrishnan posted this 30 December 2017

Hi all

Thanks for your reviews. Just now I received a call from this same no. But I said my net is not working so give me some time. After that I Google it and identified your reviews and it helped me lot. Thankyou so much guys.

Inbetween I'm writing this review I received a call and told all this and shouted her and she also shouted me. So guys be careful it is a fake company. Genuine companies / consultancy will not ask you for money. So keep this in minde before you providing money. Or else you can ask them for sometime obesly they will not provide you. These are some small techniques to identify the fake companies. Or take time and Google it the reviews and then decide. Guys we are earning money after lots of struggle so becareful.

Call detailes: received call from Shivani. Phone no 9349284421. She will never give u time. So guys be carefull.

arunr posted this 03 January 2018

today i got call from 9349288656, they are approaching same as like mentioned above. they dont let me cut the call.  asked me to pay 3500rs +18%, now i came to know they are fradu.

thanks for all.

ramesha posted this 09 January 2018

Hi Friends,


Thanks to all above people, today I got a call from +919349285341 from same careerboost company, as the Lady insisted me to go through the website and other things, she asked me to pay  Rs5310/- and told it will take 45 days to prepare profile and other things. Due to some other call she disconnected the call and mean while i checked for these fraud people and got the link which saved me, she is continuously calling me from past 30min, I kept it in Silent mode and keeping quite.


Thanks to all the above for valuable information.



AkhilMeshram posted this 13 January 2018

Hi everyone

Just now I got call from career boost pro company for a job vacancy in Singapore and dubai. They asked me for registration and for 4130 fees. I keep his call pretending as form filling and search in Google as career pro fraud . Then I found all of yours reviews. Thanks all of u a lot for saving me from looting. Then I asked that gay how any company will hire me without any interview or call. I will register only if I get the visa and air tickets of Singapore for joining the company. Then he started to convince me but I refused.

Please give suggestions how can we report this fake company to police.

Abhishek Kumar Agarwal posted this 18 January 2018

Abhishek Kumar Agarwal posted this Just now Dear All,

It's we all who are encouraging them to do so as I last 45 days I have come across so many fraud people and companies who are just cheaters and fraud but we all still process if thinking that this one might be correct person and we might have a better opportunity and career ahead I have come across many job placement companies not only with Indian names but even international names who are offering us job / higher rate of returns on investments within 5 -7 working days and many more other offers which is just unimaginable but we all still get caught with them

Can anyone answer why and how to stop this and how to regulate or surveillance such thing

Please comment so that we can stop people to loss there hard earned money

SwatiSrivastava posted this 20 January 2018

Carrer Boost Pro is not just only thugs and cheaters they are also Nasty and r*****s.

See what replies they have sent to me in return for being called frauds and cheaters and asking for the refund by me again and again.

"First go and learn some manners you bitch.

We have been tolerating your nusiance that does not mean you are the smart ass. Go and add this email in your record as well and fuck yourself."  

"We will refund 10k only after you sign the full n final acknowledgement or else keep on barking bitch! We are game for it."

  I have already lodged a complaint against them but till that all is happening is there any other way too to screw these people.

  I am after them for the refund since a month. Initially, they were giving excuses or ignoring my email but it seems they all have got irritated now with my continuous emails and calls so now they have come down to all this nonsense.  

But I am not gonna leave them no matter what they say or do. I will continue irritating them till all legal proceedings are happening from my side or until I get my money back.   

Request you all too, please don't let them go just like this, they have taken our hard earned money, be it 1000/- bugs or 10,000/- bugs and they just can't go away happily with it nor we all should just sit quietly and mourn on our lost money. 

 Merely posting your incident here is not going to help you. It is definitely helpful to beware others but what will it do for those who have already lost it?   Please lodge complaints, talk to bank people, keep calling/threatening these idiots keep sending refund emails to them. If collectively everyone will attack them definitely this will move them. 

  I have lost my money on 26th Dec 2017, from the very next day after knowing their fraud I started asking for the refund. After two weeks they agreed to pay 10,000/- but I refused, then after a week they agreed to pay back even 15000/- but I refused for that also and kept asking for my full refund. Which means little only but they got scared for some time. So think what will happen when all of us together start bugging them collectively.  

Why have I posted this and requesting you for all this because these guys have not stopped yet it's been more than one and a half month since they started conning people and still they are continuing in spite of knowing that their reality is now known to many people because they think nobody is gonna reach them or take action against them and it's we who are giving them this confidence by not doing anything instead simply sitting and crying for our loss.  

Guys please wake up and help yourself nobody else gonna do that for you!!

PriyankaChandola posted this 30 January 2018

I got a call from them today and the caller was Shivani. Looks everyone know her here very well. While talking to her, I sensed something is fishy. When she tried to push me to register, I tried to buy out sometime to make sure if they are not fake but she spoke to me as if she is doing some favor to me by giving me sometime to think. She was tenacious on making payment immediately. I blasted at her. 

Now, I would like to know if I can provide any sort of help to expose such people. I have call recordings of the conversations I had with Shivani which clearly shows that she is fraud. If anyone of you is taking any legal action against them. Pls let me know I may be of some help. 

TirupathiRai posted this 01 February 2018

I am also one of the victim of career boost pro. I too paid 37000/-rupees. I am going to lodge a complaint regarding this fraud company. Did they refund your total amount or not. Reply plz

nayanasv posted this 02 February 2018

Thank you all for your comments . I was about to fall into this trap ... got a call from different number 097827 21952.. same name ... asked me for 3500 for registration ...thankfuly my net dint work while registering ... meantime saw ur reviews ... blocking this number

MamathaM posted this 10 February 2018

Hi All,

Today I got the call from these people careerboost pro and they said the same story for me about getting job in Singapore. They didn't give me time and I was asked to do the payment immediately or else I would loose my job offer. So they have grabbed almost 36000 from me which was done through Thier website. I too have recorded all the conversation. Just now I thought of looking the review and unfortunately I'm one the trap for them. Please let me know how can I get my amount refunded. I can provide all the details of them.

SurajMujawar posted this 12 February 2018

Hi All,


If the overseas company is looking for candidate and if they are receiving your resume through job portals, then that company will contact you over the phone or email or in linked-in. They just can not ask any third party consultancy to complete the procedure. 

Sorry to say but its a common sense. Secondly, all MNCs will have career portals where they put their open positions. There is nothing like internal position. internal position is for employee referrals only and consultancy folks would not know about this anytime.

Nobody just gives a job offer on the phone. 


So come on, we can not do anything against those frauds but giving them back with lot of queries and finally abusing them.

We are hard workers and letting them become smart earners by looting us. Don'd do that folks. And don't be so greedy too for job. India has good jobs for everyone. For overseas, ask your company for transfer or use your client's contact. They are many ways to get jobs in other countries other than paying to fraud companies.


Be smart. Don's fall in their trap. Money wont come back anytime.


Thanks for understanding and sorry for harsh words. 

Gloriapillai posted this 16 February 2018

Hi All


Totally agree with Suraj . I too got a call from Career Boost and this girl said she is from Dehra Dun . Mobile number was 9782721952. (These numbers are temporary and they do not use it regularly) She offered me jobs in 2 companies and said i will be the only candidate! Now,i handle recruitment and why will i take one candidate who is put before me??? When i questioned her , she disconnected. :) 

Please note that if any recruiter asks for money , please ask them questions ...a lot of them.....immediately go to the website and check the reviews about these companies  which they claim they are from.....90% of the time you will find they are frauds. 




DivyaK posted this 16 February 2018

Hi all, Thank you for all d above suggessions..... i got a call just nw from the same number. She mentioned her name is kanika and she told me i need to pay 5300 for a job in australia....when i asked her which company in auatralia then she said "Microsoft","HP"... till then i was having a doubt.... but i came to a conclusion that it is a fake.... job in Microsoft for just 5k... ha ha ha... and when i saw the above comments.... it is confirmed that they r really fake... Thank u alll....

SaraIyer posted this 05 March 2018

I got a call today around noon , the girl Shivani insisted that I register immediately..she asked me to open my laptop and pay 3500/- so that the 'clients' can process my sounded very fishy NS she also offered me a much higher salary. Knowing the industry trends it was hard to believe so I told her to call back after 30 mins and she promptly did that time I researched and read up on all the frauds mentioned about this company. Cyber crime please take action asap. Thank you

SwamyKs posted this 13 March 2018

Hi All, I got call from person named Neha ‭+91 91927 75275‬ from career boost couple of months back and discussed reg. vacancies and they were exiting and even I was interested but constraint to apply and get trapped was initial payment, I had been told by one of job consultant that a genuine consultant will not ask for any money , so I kept this point as bench mark and dropped the discussion with her. 2nd time I got call from the same person ‭Neha +91 91927 75275‬ on 12 mar 2018 and was negotiating the same , I was a bit confused and told her the same regarding the bench mark and some how I didn’t have facility to work on computer due to power cut in my home at that particular time. I asked her to call by 10.30 am to complete the payment , meanwhile I checked the reviews by you and got to know the truth. Thanks to you guys for helping to open my eyes against fraudulent job consultants.

HifzurRehman posted this 17 March 2018

Career Boost Pro is fake company, the just make you feel that jobs are ready, but in reality they are not. it all fake.. please don't make any payment to such companies,.. there are many more.. please deny any payments to be made.

MamathaM posted this 21 March 2018

Please let me know you if anyone of you received the refund from these fraudsters

MamathaM posted this 21 March 2018

I have registered a police complaint against them and the cops are looking into this.

PunitBabu posted this 10 April 2018

Hello guys I am Punit miss Aarti call from this company said that I have good opportunity in uae location and package will be more than 3.5lakhs per month for that I need to pay rupees 5900 as registration fees. So I have a doubt on this company so that I tried to read review about this company iPhone that it is a very very worst and fake company and most of the unemployed and employed people also losing their money because of this fake company so guys before making the payment please go through review in Google about the company then you decide thank you.

Shilpi sinha posted this 30 May 2018

Hi All,

Did anyone filed a complaint against them and got their money back ?

If yes, please do reply back.

PradeepT H posted this 13 June 2018

Hi, I also got the call from Shivani in Dec and made the payment. I did a big mistake. After that, they will send a mail saying there is an opening in xyz company and asked me to share my resume with some person. After that, there is no communication from xyz company or this fraud company. Whenever I send mail to this fraud company they will apologise and tell their manager is closely working with companies HR to make this happen. Is there any way to get the money back?


DevendraJaisi posted this 25 August 2018

Hi Guyes,

Same thing happened to me. Career Boost pro has taken my hard earn money of Rs. 31000 with same bluff promises and haven't provided any service.

Now, I am chasing these fraud people very aggressively. Definitely, I will not leave these people.  Please find some mail chain as below:

=================================Mail Detail==================================

Hi,   I’m writing today because I wanted to check in about my payment for that story I wrote way back in June 15th 2018. Hope your team knows that they have  promised me about the closure of this matter within 15 days at that time, and from there this is the third time I am getting the below statements again and again   "The amount will be credited in your account within 10 to 15 working days." "Your Refund is in process and you will get the same by next week surely." "We have processed the refund of your amount and the same will be reflected in your account within 24 to 48 hours.."   What exactly your team is doing from last 55 days?? Please elaborate on above bold statements which is provided by your team from last 55 days.

  I would also like to know what will your team do in upcoming 15 days to short out this matter as early as possible without any fail? Now, I would like to catch your team effort on regular basis. Please do the needful for the same. I am looking forward quality response from your team effectively.   ============================ End of mail ===================================

 My suggestion here is to be united here. We can create a what's up group and provide the updates as much as possible

My Contact # +91-9900243034. Please come foreword.

Thanks you,


Nandhini CChandrasekaran posted this 24 December 2018

What the dash company is that.. Richa a lady called regarding job@ Singapore. This dash lady have asked be to pay 35000/- al inc and to paid based on their confidance and belief. Unable to bare it and we are from middle class and we are tucking over here.


Please some one help me to get the amt back. And that amt i kept for my hospitalization

DevendraJaisi posted this 27 December 2018

another froud:


I received this mail from

       Greetings! Thanks for sharing the KYC details. We have approved your refund amount 31000/-INR.Payment in split way like 20000+11000  INR by the Paytm  UPI Through instamojo please accept  if this amount  is your and pay that amount in to your bank account  your amount will credit instantly.BY Click on pay 
If you have any quarry regarding refund please feel free to mail us.

Thank You 
Consumer complaint   Be very careful guys, again they will take your money from PayTm wallet

NaveenKumar posted this 4 weeks ago

This company contacted me and offered job opportunity and took 4k from me...and said they will do all day they are asking me 12k and not even giving me job description. This is fake company their contact number is 180030009191. Please help me to get back my 4k

NaveenKumar posted this 4 weeks ago

Send me company address

NaveenKumar posted this 4 weeks ago

Send me company address