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Smh. It is truly unfathomable how individuals who deceive others out of their hard-earned money can sleep peacefully at night. My encounter with these scammers was not only outrageous but also had a severe negative impact on my mental health. However, I am grateful that I came across ADWARE RECOVERY SPECIALIST after the incident. Let me share my story. I stumbled upon an advertisement on Facebook where these scammers claimed to be part of Elon Musk's team. They were promoting an ongoing giveaway by Elon to his fans. Intrigued, I messaged the advertisement's creator and was directed to the team manager, who explained everything to me and provided instructions on how to participate in the giveaway. To be eligible, I had to purchase a spot, which cost me a staggering $32,000. I was added to a private group where Mr. Jacobs was the admin, and three other individuals, including myself, made a total of five. To proceed further, they sent a contract to my email, stating that I needed to fund $250,000 to a wallet they set up themselves and sent me login details. Once I made the payment, they would have access to my wallet information, which supposedly would be used for the giveaway. Although it seemed a bit suspicious, I still went ahead with the deposit because I had spoken to Elon himself over a video call, and I believed the GIVEAWAY to be genuine when his assistant sent me the email. After transferring the $250,000, I was then asked to make another wire transfer of $180,000 to the same Metamask wallet they set up, Witnessing all these shady activities, I knew I had to seek help from ADWARE RECOVERY SPECIALIST who saved me from the shackles of those people. These scammers were too good at what they did but ADWARE RECOVERY SPECIALIST could recover the funds.   Contact the information below:   WhatsApp information: +1 (571) 541-2918   Website information: ‪   Email information: 

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AndyFergusson posted this 1 weeks ago


I was very sad and frustrated when I fell victim to a crypto scam and lost all my investment money in this crypto market scam. 

I thought I was never going to get back my money until my friend told me about a crypto recovery company that goes by the name of Firmwall Cyber Security Service, this crypto recovery company has successfully in the past helped other victims of crypto scams to recover their funds, and with many good reviews about them online, I was very convinced and contacted them immediately, and to my surprise, Firmwall Cyber security service was able to recover my crypto assets. I’m truly grateful for their service and I recommend them for recovery of all your crypto assets. Their contact information:


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When contemplating engagement with a Bitcoin recovery service such as Wizard Asset Recovery, exercising caution and conducting comprehensive research is paramount. Watch for warning signs like upfront fees or unrealistic assurances, as reputable services typically charge only upon successful recovery and refrain from extravagant claims. Emphasize secure communication channels such as encrypted platforms when interacting with Wizard Asset Recovery to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. Before committing to Wizard Asset Recovery or a similar service, explore alternative avenues for Bitcoin recovery, including utilizing recovery phrases or seeking aid from wallet providers or cryptocurrency experts. In case of uncertainty regarding Wizard Asset Recovery's legitimacy or the optimal approach, seek guidance from reliable sources like financial advisors or cryptocurrency experts to navigate the process effectively and evade potential pitfalls. For contact, reach Wizard Asset Recovery at email: or WhatsApp: +1 (315) 756-1228.

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Email info: Adwarerecoveryspecialist@auctioneer. net


WhatsApp info: +1 (571) 541-2918






My mistakes almost ruined my entire life but I was lucky God sent ADWARE RECOVERY SPECIALIST  to rectify my mistakes , I was investing with this company I was introduced to by an old time friend I met sometime back in the mall , we haven’t seen each other or heard from each other since high school, so it was like a nice reunion that came with a financial opportunity as well , according to him he has been with the company for a couple of months now and have made a few withdrawals from the profits he made and currently reinvested over a $100k+ , he was literally living his best life , I asked him to enroll me with the platform and he signed me up using his own referral link and got a bonus , he told me that signing people up using my referral links would earn me more profits as time goes by , I took in his advise and enrolled 2 of my cousins who were also interested after seeing my portfolio and the profits I’ve made over just a month . After our profits have accumulated over the past few weeks we tried to make withdrawals from the platform and that’s when we encountered some difficulties and I was to be blamed for the whole failure because I hadn’t withdrawn any funds from the company yet before involving them though my friend who introduced me to the platform was facing the same problems as we did, when all these was going on my cousin “Desean “ was already in contact with ADWARE RECOVERY SPECIALIST  ‘’ a Crypto Recovery team he read about in a hacking forum and that was how we all had a change of story , my friend who brought all these problems into our lives was so thankful for the end result and same goes with each and everyone of us. Best decision you’d make after discovering you’ve been d u p e d is to contact ADWARE RECOVERY SPECIALIST  and seek for help and trust me you’d be in a better place after. Contact the information above.