AX-HUL WIN message

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PoornachandarV posted this 24 May 2018

Dear sir, A lady came to me and said that she sells lipton and she needs to make a call. Then I gave her my phone. She called on 18001212563. Immediately a message with unique code was received on my phone. She wrote down that number and went. I doubted that and immediately I ran to her and asked about the same. She said that nothing is wrong and it is just their company activity.

I need your help in knowing whether it is any fraud related..

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PITTALASRAVANI posted this 07 July 2018

Same thing happened to me,pls reply is there any risk??

BikersArea posted this 07 July 2018

Ya the same thing happend for me also there any fraud behind this ??

MrittickChoudhury posted this 27 July 2018

It happened today with me and I'm from North Kolkata. The lady was from "Domex" when I asked for her ID-card; said she needs some 'help' so she asked me to call this toll-free number - 1800 121 1563

Then an OTP came, you know the story. Idk if I did right or wrong but I kinda regret doing that. Nevertheless, experience matters and it won't be happening from me the next time :) hopefully won't get scammed for today..

VishakhaGoud posted this 11 August 2018

Same thing happen 2 this fraud...something happened after it plz tell me...

PradeepTigga posted this 13 August 2018

Same thing also happens with plz reply if there any risk

JayaprakashK posted this 08 September 2018

Same thing happened. Just now few minutes before. From Same number :(

Ambikeshpandey posted this 24 September 2018

Same happend to me just now

AnnuRajbhar posted this 23 October 2018

प्रिय महोदय, एक महिला मेरे पास आई और कहा कि वह लिपटन बेचती है और उसे फोन करने की ज़रूरत है। तब मैंने उसे अपना फोन दिया। उसने 18001212563 को फोन किया। तुरंत मेरे फोन पर अद्वितीय कोड वाला एक संदेश प्राप्त हुआ। उसने उस नंबर को लिखा और चला गया। मैंने उस पर संदेह किया और तुरंत मैं उसके पास भाग गया और इसके बारे में पूछा। उसने कहा कि कुछ भी गलत नहीं है और यह सिर्फ उनकी कंपनी की गतिविधि है। मुझे यह जानने में आपकी मदद चाहिए कि क्या यह कोई धोखाधड़ी है . For. RAVI

HasanAli posted this 02 November 2018

Same here, had anybody faced issue after that?

EnergeticRameez posted this 05 November 2018

Mere sath abhi guys

AmarjitModi posted this 05 November 2018

Same thing also happen with me today. Please tell me if there any risk plz tell me

arun kumarKumar posted this 24 November 2018

Same thing today for me also happen wth that any rish is der means tell me please

swagatpattajoshi posted this 21 December 2018

The Domex thing happened to my roommate today. He searched 'Ax-hulwin' in Google and these posts came up. He is scared and transferred money from own account to wife's. Has anything fraud happened to anyone after such incidence and what step should be taken?

ShravanG posted this 23 July 2019

I have also same problem please reply asap sir,

JIBANDAS posted this 1 weeks ago

I am Same problem.