PRC solution (Shusant) a guy called me and offered me a online captcha filling job.after that they asked me for identity proof and when i gave then sent me a mail which is attached with some agreement and also the mail was in spam folder so after that they didnot even pick up my call and now they are asking for money and threatning me to take legal action against me. now i know that i am a victim of this fraud company,they called me for captcha work only on telephonic conversation done, no documentation done not a single thing .Now today just an hour ago I received a call mentioned that i have to clear the dues of the company otherwise court will take legal action. and i said i am ready for any legal action and also i recorded their call from the beginning of the day so i have a proof also. They are fraud for sure even their advocate.

the mail was from

Advocate Number-8866005120

called for Verification of work ,number is- 9726001128

Sushant (first person who called for this work)- 8657718797