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Online Job Frauds Unethical
Shivam Gupta posted this 08 December 2020

The company has assigned a task for completion regarding on their own platform but due to continuous crashing down of their platform and not being stable I complained about the problem with the error which I have been facing but no action were taken regarding that and now they are sending me unbiased invoice to pay money. They didn't address any of the problem and just popped up out of nowhere as the time period of work got over.

Company Frauds Fraud by Resume Filling from Surat/Gujrat
Ravi Shankar Upadhyay posted this 08 December 2020

I have received a call for job from Resume Filling and in the conversation I have clearly mentioned that I need internet facilities and guarantee for salary but since I did not received anything then I quit from job after 3 day's but after completion of 7 day's as per their agreement they are keep sending me legel notice to pay the charges of their lost.

I am keep replying to their email that I was not agreed to continue their job as my work conditions they have not accepted but yet they are keep sending me messages to pay back with interest now or else they will proceed the legel action which is taking me in mental disorder.

Please help all people who is been targeted by them.

Online Job Frauds Resume fill
Saniya Biradar posted this 07 December 2020

Fraud company just block this website and take legal actions against them.

Company Frauds Resume filling fraud
Shivali Tayal posted this 04 December 2020 is fraud they are threatning me regarding the money to not to complete the work which is impossible to do by a person... they threaten to innocent people and try to get money of Rs. 6500 +gst...

Company Frauds Fraud
Sushmita Desai posted this 03 December 2020

As I found this company as fraud because they say it a resume filling data entry job as I got it from job portal the company has no name basically they say it setup in Surat Gujarat and we will refused to work then they will take legal action or legal notice we don't complete the work then we have to pay 6500 to them as company policy please take an action amongst the fraudsters

Company Frauds Fraud
Sushmita Desai posted this 03 December 2020

As I got to new about this compay that is saying if we refused to do the work they have to pay 6500 amount and we didnt pay they will take legal action against ours so please that get this kind of fraudsters

Company Frauds Fraud company
Pushkanjalika Gautam posted this 01 December 2020

I have signed with this company for work. But couldn't complete the work as tea fallen on my leg and got burnt so couldn't work. I sent mail to them regarding this but now they started threatening me to pay 6500+GST for not completing work or they will file legal case.. Now I came to know that it fake company.. Please take action against this company.

Online Job Frauds Complaint against Resume Filling
Navena Misquitta posted this 30 November 2020

I was looking for a part time job hence got in touch with this company. They asked me to sign some agreement to create a portal and gave me to do 600 resumes in 7 days which is not possible. If the job is not completed or doesn't have 90 percent accuracy then Rs 6500 plus GST has to be paid. I have been receiving constant threatening emails, calls and messages from various nos. to make the payment and other various charges. The same is attached for your reference. I read the reviews on Google and most people have faced similar issues. This company is a fraud company hence request to take a quick action on the same.

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Online Job Frauds Fraud online Job resume filling Portal
vinod singh rajpurohit posted this 30 November 2020

Today I also got a call from 8980804011 and I just escaped, after signing the signature was not captured properly and then I thought of checking this website & I came to know lots of complaints against them, after that I whatsapp the lady that I am not intrested but she replied me that, if your signature is captured you have to pay us money. so I lodged a complaint with cyber crime portal today. all of you guys file a complaint so that this fraud may get caught soon. there latest fraud number is 8980804011. my mail id

Company Frauds Pooja Gaikwad
Pooja Gaikwad posted this 30 November 2020

When i got the message.. I thought i can complete those resumes, but when i practically started doing it it way to hard. Every resume takes 15 mins each. Their working hour is till 6:30. What if i work after 6:30. I started this work for some extra money. Even if i sit and do my work for 12 hours i can hardly complete 5o resumes per day. I could harly finish 300 resumes..